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Shanti Abrasives - Final Polisher

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Yes, the 5-Extra, Final Polisher for Marble is manufactured by Shanti Abrasives with the international technology.

5 extra polishing abrasive for mable - this product, based on very concentrated oxides and polishing components, is used as final rub, that is, it gives a mirror-polishing for every surface. The application of pre-polishing abrasives together with 5-extra guarantees a perfect polishing of every marble surface, without any scratch.

Yash's 5-Extra is known to be superior and is unbeatable for mirror-like polishing of of slabs, tiles and all others parts for floor and linings.

The special formulae 5-EXTRA and exclusive manufacturing system guarantee its consistency in all operating conditions. 5-EXTRA is unalterable if kept in non-humid environment. It is used after no. 6.

These are available in almost all shapes like Frankfurt, round, triangle, Butterfly etc.