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  • Product

    Polishers used for all types of marble, granite and agglomerates.

    Frankfurt 10extra: Marble Polisher

    Frankfurt3 10 extra compact VS
    Frankfurt3 10 extra VSH
    Frankfurt3 10 extra VSH
  • Pulitore


    To be used after the final polisher with very little water. it gives extra gloss and colour to the marble

  • Super Poralux M

    Super Poralux M

    Available as Sector l4 cms for use on polishing lines. They are available for coloured granite with good gloss and high life. They ore used for block granite also.

  • Super Poralux F

    Super Poralux F

    Available as sector l4 cms for use on polishing lines. Also very good for auto polishers. It gives very good gloss for block granite. lt can also be used for coloured granite.

  • Tin Oxide

    Tin Oxide

    This is formulated specifically to create a high gloss finish on stone. lt may be used on countertops, floors and as a general maintenance product. Available as Polvere Lucidante Tenalux (white) powder and Polvere Lucidante Giallo (Yellow) powder.